About the Novels

"Every lurid whisper that had been exchanged, that had drawn her to this moment, was wrong.  And yet, the feeling was intoxicating...: - from The Web Stalker 

Book Genre

R. Friess novels are twisted and intriguing stories aimed at the sophisticated reader who wants a fresh approach to mystery, romance, and police procedures.  The style is educated.  The settings are upscale and unique.  Each book offers a dark insight into a different psychopathic protagonist.  Crawl inside their minds as they manipulate, control, and usually kill the unsuspecting.  Also learn the real, inside stories of insurance fraud, computer hacking, bank mergers, and more.  These novels delightfully break the rules of the predictable genres.  That's what makes them so much fun to read well into the night when you should be asleep.  But who can sleep during such gruesome nightmares? 

Current Novel

One novel is currently available:

The Web Stalker - A dark and twisted insight into how an innocent chat romance turns deadly.  The book was started in December of 1999 and was finished in the fall of 2000.


Future Novels

The Manipulator - A Chicago street kid seizes billions in bank assets by manipulating his victims and watching them die.  The book was written in 1996/1997 but is being revised.  Chapters will be available in the fall of 2001.

The Schemer - The fiery death of a man and his gold-digging wife spark a battle of fraud, deceit, and lies in order to collect millions in life insurance.

The Protector - A romantic weekend in the northern woods ends when the boyfriend is found at the bottom of the lake and the woman is kidnapped by a psychopath.

The Author

R. Friess is a pseudonym for a successful business consultant to senior management at major financial companies (banks, insurance, investment, finance) and Fortune 1000 companies.  For 25 years, he has served over 150 national and international companies by day.  At night, he creates characters who defraud and kill off his clients.  What a great stress reliever!  He has been widely published "professionally" and is listed in numerous registers.  He can be found in a different city, hotel room, and airport each week creating new mayhem and intrigue to delight his readers.