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I have read each chapter and eagerly look forward to each new one.  It has not been a disappointment and each chapter has kept me riveted to my
chair. The only disappointment has been the ending of each chapter: There was not another behind it. Keep up the great work.

...I was fascinated by your work and I would really hate to lose thosechapters. - Robert

I love the iNovel site.  I haven’t read too much of the novel yet, but it looks exciting and I will definitely read the rest. – Brian

I just finished reading the first 6 chapters ~ WOW!  What great reading. –Dawn

Your devoted fans are right – it has the makings of a really good read. - Peggy

I enjoyed the first chapters of The Web Stalker.  Very nerve-jangling.  I love the lush, picturesque writing style. – Brian

Your story has flair and flows well progressively…keep it up…

Oh, I can’t wait to read more!!!! I didn’t want to stop reading 8-)… -Dawn

WOW- I am really enjoying it.   Really good so far… - Dawn

Love it!  Very interesting.  -Joanie

I’m antsy to buy the book. - Jencool

It has kept me interested and that is usually a sign of a good book for me. can't wait to see what else happens! - Leslie
Good story, seems like a story that could happen any day.  - Kevin

The story is GREAT.  I’m really enjoying reading it.  I am hooked. – Church85027

I was excited to get a new chapter! – Gary

Enjoying the book immensely. - Marilyn

Love the book, each chapter makes me anxious to read the next.  Keep them coming. –Sandy

Thank you very much for your story.  J  I more than like it…I just can’t wait until the next chapter comes…thanx, it’s really great! - Irit

I’m really enjoying this story. – j-death

Thank you…I do love this you are good!  - Tash

We are all enjoying your story.  -Nancy

I have really gotten into this novel.  Each chapter cries out for more. It’s a great story so far.  Once again, I am enjoying this book immensely. - Bonnie

Keep forwarding the chapters – we wait with anticipation!  - Chelle

On a scale of one to ten, I will give it a nine.  Yes, I would like to read more of your work.  I really enjoy your style of writing, as long as the ending doesn’t leave me hanging, so to speak. – Ken (hillbilly)

I tell u I love it.  I love to read them and I have read this two times it is good!  Thank you for letting me read this book. Yes, if it comes out I would buy it. Violet t

It is really good.  It’s great, really.  Lisa

Thanks!  You are an excellent writer!  Donna

Loved the book!!!  The best part of this book was that it was written so that the end of every chapter left you wanting more.  It was very hard to put down.  Kathy

Ty ty ty ty ty ty ty I truly enjoyed the book!  Bryneyes

Your book was great.  Very, very good.  And yes, you should write a sequel.  Tina

You have done a great job.  Jodie

All the luck in the world with your writing.  You are very talented.  Patty

This story is making me bite all my nails down to nothing!!!  I can't handle the suspense.  I gasp at the end of every chapter!!  Sophie

So far your book has been great.  I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters.  Teresa

I can't wait to read them.  I am a READaholic and this is about to KILL me!!!  I can hardly wait for each week's additions.  Keep up the good work.  Sandy

Want you to know I am being harassed daily by my daughter for more chapters.  Chelle

I enjoy the characters.  Now, I'm anxious to receive the next chapter.  Thanks for including me in your mailing.  Peggy

Thanks for sending me the next chapter of your book.  Hope that somehow you are managing a social life between all the writing! I cannot imagine how though...Pauline 

I'm sill enjoying this story immensely.  Thank you, Bonnie

Please send me as many as possible.  I need to get lost in some good reading.  Your book fits the bill.  Lou Anne

I just can't wait till I get the next chapter!!! I know that curiosity killed the cat...tigerinheart

I couldn't put it down...I want the next one Angel

The last chapter left me hanging!  T

Thank you for sending more chapters to me. Please keep them coming.  Lou Anne

I'm really enjoying the book.  Ann

I LOVE IT!!!! It’s really good! It’s very well written, fluent, rich language. Reading it fast, I can almost see it, like a movie. It’s amazing :) Thank you. Irit

The story is awesome. I can hardly wait to see what happens. Donna’s got some problems here. Janna

I am loving this so far … it’s funny cause my nick is barmaid .. and my oldest kid her name is Jennifer and the one we just had decided on the name long before we started the book .. and her name is amber .. lol Barmaid

Right at the first the plot line of the story intrigued me, perhaps because it involved someone who had been mixed up in the world of chat rooms. Once again, thank you. Bonnie

It really grabs you!! PLEASE send more! MooseMa

I am looking forward to next week’s chapter. Cathrine

You DO have talent for writing and I like your style! I will look forward to the upcoming chapters. Lynn

Hey, thanks for the chapters … I really do like the book! Nikki

I love your book. I have been telling people about it in the chat room I told them it was great. Violet

The book really grabs you and won’t let go. I like the development of the characters and am looking forward to how the story unfolds. Nancy, Calf.

I am still very much interested. Thanks again for sending it. Jenene

Please send me more. I am scared stupid now. 17ex

You constantly amaze me!!!! I’m enjoying your book so much. I’ll be sad when it ends. Thank you for taking the time to send it to me … Tina

What a way to go! Gives me the shivers. The characters are developing very nicely. The Web Stalker is very real. Thanks. Please send me more. Nancy

Thank you very much for sending the next installment. JWR

Stayed up last late last night reading. This is wonderful…. Thank you! Cathriness

I’m enjoying the book a lot. Look forward to more reading. My sister-in-law lives with me and is enjoying the book also. Lynn and Christine, Ontario

Your book is really coming along for you… congrats on seeing a dream come true… Hugs, Pauline

I would really appreciate it if you would send me more than one chapter a week. Please send me more as soon as possible. Lou Anne

The story just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait. J

This has me hooked. Mary N.

Keep up the tension. Lisa V.

Kathy, Tim and Carrie and myself are reading your novel. "What a novel idea." Keep them coming. Trudy E.

Thanks for sending the chapters. I look forward to reading as I find the time for it. Imad

Still riveted to whatever spot I sit in to read. I can barely wait to read chapter 25. Your writing style is great. The end of every chapter leaves you yearning for more. Can hardly wait for my next available time to read. Please keep them coming, I am truly enjoying your novel!!! Kathy

I’m not sure I can wait another week. The wait between weeks is so so so hard. Thanks. You’re doing a great job. Ann

Hey we are loving the book … angel

I love this u are so good with words. I can sit and read this book over and over. Hurry up and get done. I can’t wait to see what happens. Lol.  violet

I liked the first 11 chapters a lot, please continue to send me the following chapters. Monica

Hi. Thanks for all the chapters – we’re still caught up! Mary Jo

Thank you so much. Robin

I read it last night and now the suspense is killing me. Kathy R.

I loved it. Please send me the next chapter... NOW! Lou Ann

I am waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens next. Kathy, Calif.

I love to read the book you are working on! Lynn

I  usually don’t read thrillers but I was hooked!!!!!!!! Robin

I could not put it down. Once I read the six chapters I was compelled to e-mail you for more. Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. Lou Ann

This book of yours is great, i love it … send me more i need more, I'm at the edge of my seat!!!! Truly magnificent writing, i love it … truly i do!!!!!! Jennifer

This has kept me riveted to my chair and I didn’t want to go back to work after reading only part during lunch!!! This is really a great book and I can hardly wait until lunchtime tomorrow. Kathy

Please send me more chapters. I like what you have sent so far and really appreciate your efforts. Lynda

Thank you… Thank you… you are such a loyal novelist!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this marvelous project. Pauline

Your web site looks great. Peg

This book is a must read. It will hook you in the first chapter …. David, Iowa

This is absolute torture waiting a whole week to wonder what’s going to happen next. I love the way you leave us with a cliffhanger but PLEASE … this is cruel and unusual punishment! I love it!!!! You amaze me more and more with each new chapter. Maria, New York

I am throughly taken by your novel!!!! Your characterizations are wonderful. I can picture people/situations in my mind. I catch myself laughing out loud and noddin my head in a, isn’t that the truth manner. Am anxiously awaiting the next installments. Please forward any more completed chapters ASAP!!! Michelle

It’s terrific and innovative. Keep me on your list. S. Frame, Chicago

It is pretty exciting at this point. Please continue to send more as you get it written. Billy

"omg this is good!  yes I read it.  I read about 4 books here a week in KY,  I love to read.  send more!" Peppy, KY.

"What fun!  Your bad person is very sick and creepy.  Pretty disturbing stuff!" Mary N.

"It's smooth and flowing, I look forward to reading the rest." Faris A.Q.

"Please send the next installment!  and keep them coming...I can hardly wait to read the next part!" Kickasschic

"yes please send me more chapters thanks." Ash (BdHedTigger)

"Please keep sending it.  my wife and I both enjoy reading your book." hillbilly14

"Just read 35 and 36.  Still like it a lot and I'm anxious for the 37!" Trudy (TTJOR)

By the way I love them stories u come up with they r awesome you should get it published BdH

Good stuff ya got going there. Will you send me "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say? ‘Course I’ve got to keep up on the saga now that you’ve drawn me into it. See what you’ve done? I won’t be able to live a normal life for the rest of the summer and it’s all your fault. Leah L

I did enjoy the prologue. I am anxious to read more. Lou Anne

hey thanks … I did enjoy it Angel

Hi … Just Registered !!!!!!! You are the greatest. Love you. Mom

We just read the first three chapters. WONDERFUL!!!!!! We are so impressed with your written words. Look forward to the next chapter! Trudy E.

Thanks again for the next chapter, I know I shall enjoy it as much as the ones before it. Jenn

I read the prologue and found it very intense. Your writing style is absolutely exquisite. Li

I feel like the characters in your book are close personal friends and I can’t wait to hear what’s going to happen to them next. Mary

Yes, I would love to receive a copy. send all that you have. Squirrel

I am interested in receiving the next installment. Please advise as to how. lkelly

"Very Good…very intense!" Trish, Calf.

"My 15 year old son thought I was nuts sitting here reading 33 chapters in one sitting but I couldn’t put it down!" Trudy, Kansas City

"I’m really enjoying this Donna character. She is fabulous. I think this one is a winner." Sarah, Minnesota

"Send more. You have talent." Hillbilly

"The prologue was great, I’m hooked. Please send more! Patty was right, she said I would love this." Kathy

"omg I love it ty yes send more I love to read" Peppy, California

"I have just finished reading the prologue and I loved it! It’s quite intriguing to read after being in the chat rooms so long and knowing all those feelings and thoughts lol. I will be looking forward to seeing more soon!" Karen (HappyGirl)

"Inquiring minds are still waiting for Chris to get it on…" Patty (brneyes) Calf.

"I am still enjoying your work … you have a way with words that is very down to earth and yet eloquent … love it." Pauline, Texas

"Bob and I are really enjoying the book. It’s hard to wait until the next chapter comes. I have to tell you I look forward to Monday mornings just so I can open my e-mail and print out the next chapter. I try and read it before my staff comes. Then while I make dinner Bob reads the chapter. This has been a lot of fun. Keep on writing." Ann, Minnesota

"I am absolutely intrigued with your book. PLEASE continue to send installments." Chelle

"I find your writing style to be excellent and would very much like you to send more." Ken Davis

"I’m really excited about the new chapters. I can’t wait to read them." Trica

"I enjoyed reading your prologue and I would like to read the rest." Katie

"My honest, humble opinion of installment #3...FANTASTIC!!!!  You have captivated me.  My curiosity is moving faster than your cursor at the snail pace of chapter a week.  Stay out of the chat room and keep your messenger off and keep writing.  I will be anxiously awaiting future chapters as they arrive in my electronic mailbox."  - Amanda

"This book of yours is great.  I love it...send me more.  I need more.  I'm at the edge of my seat!  Truly magnificent writing.  I love it...truly do!!! Thank you again for sharing it with me, and keep sharing...please!!!! - Jennifer

"I'm still hooked on the intertwining of the romance and the mystery and the tension keeps building successfully with both.  Good development of minor characters in this book.  What can I say - this is good stuff." - Mary N.

"You're marvelous at taking a good idea and sending us beneath the surface of both the plot and the characters to see ALL the circumstances that bring them into their present situation.  You are a terrific writer and this is an interesting and timely idea with great potential." - Sheren F.

"I really, really like this book.  You have mastered the art of finishing a chapter with a plot twist that makes it impossible not to keep reading.  I have no constructive criticism, just praise." - Mary N.

"From what I have read so far, I think you have a hit on your hands." - David H.

"I loved reading the first part of your book.  It held my attention and I was unable to put it down until I ran out of pages.  I can't wait to get additional pages as you write them.  This would be a wonderful TV movie.  This is really fun."

"Ty ty ty for the chapters and I want more!!!! You MUST NOT leave me hanging. LOL." - Callie

"I loved the new chapter...Donna is really starting to friggin scare me.  LOL." - Mia

"I'm caught up...hurry with more!!!" - Patty

"I really enjoyed the other chapters you sent me.  what a sick, twisted mind Donna has!" - Samantha

"The stuff about the chat room was excellent.  Creepy but very believable.  Certain readers of your book may have a sudden desire to bid farewell to their chat room sweeties after reading this." - Mary N.

"I was sucked in by the prologue and now can't let go.  Write faster, damn it.  I wanna see how this turns out!" - Anonymous

"I love it.  It's one of the best things I have read in a long time.  I know it's gonna be a big hit!"  - Jennifer

"You have captivated me. My curiosity is moving faster than your cursor at the snails pace of one chapter a week." - Amanda

I read it.  I liked it.  Keep me on the distribution list." - Jerry

So thanks Mr Friess and Mish the wait was well worth the while ... just_rite_2

I'd just like to let everyone no that I think this is a great way to read a Book ... one chapter at a time across the net gives you time to absorb and churn things over quietly and its stops one from getting lost in the story ... I have spread the news about to 3 other writers who are in other writing clubs so I hope they've contacted you or at least visited your site because they don't know what they're missing out on if they haven't ... Your writing is compelling ... It certainly has grabbed my attention ... Joanie