The Web Stalker

A Novel by R.Friess

The Web Stalker delves into the mind of a psychotic killer who uses the Internet to track down his prey.  When naive Jennifer Mayo falls in love in a chat room, she falls victim to a bi-polar psychopath who beats and kidnaps her.  Amber Young battles her own abusive past while searching the Internet until she too clashes with The Web Stalker.   Their first fight involves wit and computers.  Their last is a desperate battle to the death.  In between is a roller coaster of intrigue, computer hacking, romance, mistrust, and corpses.

About the Main Characters

Jennifer Mayo is the attractive and affluent mother of two.  With plenty of family love, why does she rendezvous with a mysterious chat room lover?  Her husband, Brian Mayo, is a successful executive with dirty secrets of his own.  When Jennifer is kidnapped, Brian's guilt and worry crush what is left of their perfect life.  

Amber Young is the young owner of a graphic Internet company.  She is Asian, spunky, and married only to her work.  At Brian's request, she searches electronically for Jennifer.  While struggling with her abusive past, she unknowingly becomes the web stalker's next target, putting herself and friends in death's path.

Chris Diteman, the strong National Guardsman who literally sweeps Amber off her feet, grows romantically closer to her every day while their dates get bloodier and more dangerous.

Donna Von Arsdell is a bitter, lonely, and angry manic-depressive whose mind is as wicked as her deeds.  She fights inner demons while manipulating those who get in her way.  The only joy in her pathetic life is seeking deadly revenge, and the body count keeps rising.  She is one scary character who you will not forget easily.

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