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As Jennifer Mayo’s fingertips touched the door, a spark of doubt coiled through her nerves. The emotion twisted through the tall, slender frame until it flared deep inside her heart. This wasn’t right. In fact, it was terribly wrong. Every lurid whisper that had been exchanged, that had drawn her to this moment, was wrong. And yet, the feeling was intoxicating. It stripped away the responsibilities, her self-imposed image of propriety, and exchanged it with a wicked giddiness that made her legs tremble.

Plastered against the glass of the grimy bar door were ads for beer and cigarettes, plus a yellowed sign warning against taking drinks past this point. They partially blocked the reflection of her perm and blonde streaks the salon had perfected hours earlier, and the make-up that masked every middle-age line and puffiness. She looked and felt half her age. A Victoria’s Secret bra – carefully chosen to be a size too small -- pressed her modest breasts into an unfamiliar cleavage that leered past the open buttons of a baby blue, silk blouse. The look was decadent. Maybe too decadent. Her fingers fumbled with the lowest button until it closed. No, that wasn’t right either. She unbuttoned it again.

"You going in or what, babe?" a raspy voice spat in her ear as his hairy hand grabbed the door handle...

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It's really good!  I can almost see it, like a movie.  It's amazing. -Irit

On a scale of one to ten, I will give it a nine.  I really enjoy your style. -Ken

So far this is a very exciting story! - Jackson

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